Dear reader,

There are different types of fun.  Fun can be pleasurable, playful, enjoyable, entertaining… fun involves laughter and games and leisure. This blog is not about that kind of fun.

This is about a second type of fun.  Type 2 Fun. This is the kind of “fun” that in the moment is wretched, miserable, crushing, exhausting…it may involve tears, or cursing, or just a sense of dread.

I love Type 2 Fun.  It’s what makes for a memorable story.  It’s what leads me to insights, and growth, a deeper sense of joy and love.  It’s rewarding and fulfilling. My best adventures all have Type 2 Fun.

I once went on a two week sea kayaking trip.  The weather was perfect, everything went well, it was a good time.  That story will not be told here – because Type 1 fun, while great in the moment, kinda boring.

My athletic pursuits are almost all Type 2 Fun.  Most of the time I have to convince myself to go workout.  Working out often hurts, or burns, and I fail.  I only like it because over a lifetime all the pain and agony gets associated with the results.  I remember setting a new personal record at a grueling, sandy, cold, drizzly cross-country running race when I was 15.   Shortly after crossing the finish line I wheezed to a friend “I do this for fun?”  Yup.  I still do.

Even cooking has elements of Type 2 Fun.  Eating good food I cook and feeding people I care about is totally Type 1.  Doing dishes, meal planning, grocery shopping, cleaning the kitchen… these are all the things that need to be done over and over to be able to do the “fun” part.

I do completely enjoy Type 1 Fun.  I love lounging in bed all day with my kitties.  For my birthday I like going to the zoo and getting a pedicure.  My husband and I love reading books and drinking beer on our front step.  I love easy relaxing fun Fun.  That’s just not what this blog is about.

So I hope that reading my blog is Type 1 for you, and that it helps you appreciate or pursue Type 2 Fun in your life.

p.s. I would be remiss not to warn you against Type 3 fun.  Sometimes people aim for Type 2, but are ill prepared, overshoot and end up with Type 3.  This is simply not any fun, it is dangerous.  This is when people go into the woods without the proper gear, knowledge or planning and endanger their lives and possibly others while they get rescued.  In a more mild scenario I’d say getting really sore from training is a sign of Type 2, getting a stress fracture is Type 3.

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