Wind and Snow

Two days. We got stuck on a little spit of land with tiny trees and shrubs and a leaky tent for two days. After nine beautiful days of paddling through Voyagers National Park and into the BWCA we got the first winter weather of the season.

In preparation for sleet I made myself plastic bag mittens.

In preparation for sleet I made myself plastic bag mittens.

On day 10 we woke up to a strong east wind. We hunkered down for the forecasted 20mph gusts and then the sun came out. I was full of angst worried about being able to get out of the woods in time to actually enjoy the relaxing clean part of the honeymoon. By my calculations we had about 100 more miles and 7 or 8 days to go. I tried to enjoy the much needed recovery. I figured I’d use the down time to have deep thoughts. Instead my mind circled around burgers and beer.

My title in the trip log.

My title in the trip log.

HoneymoonOn day 11 we woke up to 30mph wind gusts and snow. The tent started to leak. Heavy sleet and snow built up and weighed down the tent fly. Then our body heat melted it slowly.  Previously, we could escape the tent to cook and stretch under the tarp. Now, we had to use the tarp between the fly and tent. I resorted to cooking with the stove in the vestibule. There is only so much sleep one needs. In two days and three nights we each slept for 36 hours.


Sometimes being forced to recover is essential. The next three days gave us 21 portages over 53 miles. The first 9 days were beautiful and dare I say relaxed? The last 8 days were long and brutal.

Our honeymoon story starts with A Beginning 

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3 Responses to Wind and Snow

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  2. Forrest says:

    Did the tent leak before this trip? Or was the storm just too much for it to handle?

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