Restorative Athletics

If you know me and readers, I think you do, you know I’m chronically all wound up.  Physically, mentally I’m prone to run on overdrive until I’m a twitching mess.  I like being active. I like running, swimming, lifting, hiking, biking, racing, and generally bouncing off the walls.  I don’t think I’m the only one.

In this last year I’ve really found a routine that helps.  It’s soothing.  Yet because it’s not what I’m inclined towards it’s so easy to skip it.  I don’t think I’m the only one who does this either.

So I have a gift.  For all the overachieving, type-A, twitchy athletes out there.  I present my new class:

Restorative Athletics: Injury Prevention for Active People.  
Wednesdays 7am at the Midtown YWCA
6 week sessions  –  $88 for non-YWCA members.
You can register online or by calling 612-215-4333

We’ll do some:
– Myofascial release with foam rolling and balls.
– Meditation/visualization/breath work for both stress reduction and athletic performance.
Yin Yoga for deep passive stretching.
– Activating exercises that improve neuromuscular control, alignment, and stability.

Join me!  It’ll feel great.

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1 Response to Restorative Athletics

  1. Kate Varns says:

    I can’t wait! I’ve been absolutely amazed by how Yin Yoga has improved my recovery following strenuous races and workouts, and am very eager to learn more. Thanks, Kym!

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