Delicious Energy

Why did I not try this sooner?  I have never really liked energy bars, gels, and chews.  It’s just that sometimes you can’t just not eat.  I get tired, and crabby, and then unfocused.  That can be down right dangerous on a bike.  I found things I liked: Picky Bars – hazelnut mocha madnessClif gel – mocha or expresso and Clif blocks – margarita all the way! 

I thought I liked them until I discovered REAL FOOD while biking.  Mind blown.

I took one bite and I was in heaven.  It was not just necessary to keep me moving – it made me happy!  Real food made me faster not just because my muscles needed the fuel but because it boosted my morale.

A couple weeks ago I got Feed Zone Portables from the library.
I made two things.  First strawberry and cream mini sandwiches.
strawberries and cream IMG_0235

Second, baked cheese and eggs with scrap crust from the sandwiches. From start to finish it took two hours and I had more than enough stashed in the freezer.
feed zone portables Next I’ll be trying raspberry mint rice bars, miso and scallion pancakes, and herbed mashed potato cakes.

But really, we all know the best motivating bike fuel is ice cream.

biking ice cream

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