A Fun Upgrade: Training With Friends.

It would have been Type 2 Fun alone.  Because I was with a friend it was more like 1.5 Fun.   With a friend it’s more of an adventure when things don’t go as planned.

I often train alone.  I like the solitude.  I like being able to focus on my pace and my body.  Sometimes having only your discomfort for company can get really miserable.  This week I did two key workouts with friends.

Kaitlin and I aimed for a 60 mile ride through downtown St. Paul to the Gateway Trail on Friday morning.  First we got started late.  Later I got a flat tire.  Then the trail head was demolished without a clear detour.  Finally a mile from home I got a second flat tire!  We ended up with only 40 miles.  Had I been alone I may have been very crabby and at least a little demoralized.  Together it was fun, and not even miserable fun.


The following day I ran with an old high school friend.  She pushed me faster than I would have gone on my own and yet it never felt too fast.  We had a wonderful time running through the woods and catching up.

On my ride home from the run I got a third flat tire!  This time, alone and tired I was done.  I was only .7 miles from home and I called Will to come pick me up.  Will then picked up my spirits with a walk to Northbound brewpub to cap off my training week.

Unlike the last F*n 15 hour training week,  this one was actual fun fun.

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