Yoga brain cramp

I am one. I am at peace. I am balanced.
Phppbbbbth. Yeah right.

Calvin and Hobbes

I am increasingly cross-eyed in the process of studying these ancient systems and traditions of peace and balance. In mid September I stared a 230 hour, 9 month Yoga Study Program at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis. I keep thinking I should share yogic insights and this personal and professional journey. I run into two problems.

Any personal flashes of budding wisdom are as delicate as tissue floating in water. I might spot one but actually getting my hands on it is a challenge. It seems to dissolve upon capture. What once seemed like a golden insight appears to be as common as mud on closer inspection.

Any sharing of the things I’m learning and in my head I hear “Booooring! Pretentious bull shit!” At this point not only am I no expert, I’m not even sure what kind of student I am. There is no way I’m going to write about all the crazy topics in yoga. I am struggling to wrap my mind around all of the concepts, I don’t know what I think about them.

Calvin and Hobbes

Other aspects of yoga are confounding because it feels like deja vu. I have a sneaking suspicion that I have always approached athletics in what could be called a yogic way. Yoga can quiet the mind, but it does not have a monopoly on meditation. Yoga is mindful breath and movement, but I can also swim and run that way. Part of why yoga is such a great fit for me is because in some ways it’s so very familiar. Modern yoga was founded on ancient systems of brining unity and balance to mind and body. I’m pretty sure this concept was at the core of my upbringing.

Meanwhile I’m not so sure which or how the specific teachings and techniques will be absorbed in to my life. I’ll hang in there and eventually it’ll come together.  I promise to share along the way.

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3 Responses to Yoga brain cramp

  1. Brent says:

    Great, short and to the point. Martial Arts are often called meditation in motion. In Traditional Chinese Medicine for example Qigong is meditation and Tai Chi is it’s physical manifestation. I haven’t studied a lot of Philosophy, but the Yin Yang symbol really informs my thinking. Truth & misunderstanding are not simply equal and opposite, but a hint of one is always at the core of the other. You really captured this with, “What once seemed like a golden insight appears to be common as mud.” Anyway, hope you find what you’re looking for.
    Also, if your a physicist or mathmetician none of this really matters, because you actually know some universal truths. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go home, ice my knee, and listen to star talk radio podcast.

    • Kym Zest says:

      I think I’m looking for the words to share the things I suspect I know. Life is a comical journey.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Have a wonderful afternoon with the ice and podcast 🙂

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