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Have Fun. Don’t Die.

I had an odd experience. I’ve been puzzling over it for a month now. You know when something happens that makes you stop and think? You wonder “huh, that’s different” or maybe it was strikingly familiar. Either way it feels … Continue reading

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Crawling Back On

Three weeks ago I confessed to being off the exercise wagon. Sometimes I’ve actively been chasing it down. Sometimes I just feel like I’m being dragged by my tether.  It’s been inconsistent and I’m still looking for the hooks that … Continue reading

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Finding My Yoga

I can be a tense person. I have been told my energy vibrates on a higher frequency. Some would say I’m high-strung. I move a lot. This can be good for my athletic career, but it means I can’t stop fidgeting. … Continue reading

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Yoga brain cramp

Ommmmmm I am one. I am at peace. I am balanced. Phppbbbbth. Yeah right. I am increasingly cross-eyed in the process of studying these ancient systems and traditions of peace and balance. In mid September I stared a 230 hour, … Continue reading

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Kitten Solution

Deeply in need of silliness. I have a tendency towards seriousness. Sometimes it drives me nuts. Which you’d think would be funny but it doesn’t feel that way. Two weeks ago I started the 230 hour yoga study (aka teacher … Continue reading

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