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Use The Ladder

“If I can’t _______ then it’s not worth it.” Is one of the biggest pitfalls in sustaining a long athletic life. It could be a certain pace, distance, weight, or time. But the thought is that if it’s not a … Continue reading

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A blister and a race.

To continue illustrate my dedication to Type 2 Fun I have two announcements. One, I have a blister.  I think it started two weeks ago.  When I biked 45min in too many pants because it was below zero and my … Continue reading

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My Eating Habits and Slow Cooker Tacos

When I was a young girl some parent at my school asked me what I ate for breakfast.  He was curious because my dad was the incredibly fit cross-country running and track coach.  I was a successful competitive swimmer.  He … Continue reading

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The Buddy System

I needed guilt, and obligation, and shame, and poking, and pushing, and commitment.   Sometimes that’s what it takes.  It takes a village…  for me to get a workout.  No really, I’m not a superwoman exercise queen.  Living well is … Continue reading

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Crawling Back On

Three weeks ago I confessed to being off the exercise wagon. Sometimes I’ve actively been chasing it down. Sometimes I just feel like I’m being dragged by my tether.  It’s been inconsistent and I’m still looking for the hooks that … Continue reading

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Booted off the Wagon

I didn’t fall off. It wasn’t an accident. I was pushed. I was on a roll with my lifting routine. For a good while I had settled into a sufficient training schedule. Then commitments other than triathlon racing started throwing … Continue reading

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Finding My Yoga

I can be a tense person. I have been told my energy vibrates on a higher frequency. Some would say I’m high-strung. I move a lot. This can be good for my athletic career, but it means I can’t stop fidgeting. … Continue reading

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