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Use The Ladder

“If I can’t _______ then it’s not worth it.” Is one of the biggest pitfalls in sustaining a long athletic life. It could be a certain pace, distance, weight, or time. But the thought is that if it’s not a … Continue reading

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A blister and a race.

To continue illustrate my dedication to Type 2 Fun I have two announcements. One, I have a blister.  I think it started two weeks ago.  When I biked 45min in too many pants because it was below zero and my … Continue reading

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My Eating Habits and Slow Cooker Tacos

When I was a young girl some parent at my school asked me what I ate for breakfast.  He was curious because my dad was the incredibly fit cross-country running and track coach.  I was a successful competitive swimmer.  He … Continue reading

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The Buddy System

I needed guilt, and obligation, and shame, and poking, and pushing, and commitment.   Sometimes that’s what it takes.  It takes a village…  for me to get a workout.  No really, I’m not a superwoman exercise queen.  Living well is … Continue reading

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Crawling Back On

Three weeks ago I confessed to being off the exercise wagon. Sometimes I’ve actively been chasing it down. Sometimes I just feel like I’m being dragged by my tether.  It’s been inconsistent and I’m still looking for the hooks that … Continue reading

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Booted off the Wagon

I didn’t fall off. It wasn’t an accident. I was pushed. I was on a roll with my lifting routine. For a good while I had settled into a sufficient training schedule. Then commitments other than triathlon racing started throwing … Continue reading

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Finding My Yoga

I can be a tense person. I have been told my energy vibrates on a higher frequency. Some would say I’m high-strung. I move a lot. This can be good for my athletic career, but it means I can’t stop fidgeting. … Continue reading

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Training for the Trainer

I needed a push. I like strength training. I’m not very good at making myself do it. I over think and second guess and then just don’t do it. I’m pretty good at planning and doing things with mileage. Even … Continue reading

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YWCA Endurance Sports Social

Hello Twin Cities Friends! I know so many of you have done, would like to do, or are doing such amazing things.  Wouldn’t it be great to come together in one place to celebrate our awesomeness or aspiring awesomeness?  Sometimes our personal … Continue reading

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How bike commuting works for me

It was the summer of 2009, Will totaled his car and didn’t replace it. That’s how I ended up being a year round bike commuter. I certainly didn’t choose it, but there’s something about new love that makes you gung-ho … Continue reading

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