Training for the Trainer

I needed a push. I like strength training. I’m not very good at making myself do it. I over think and second guess and then just don’t do it. I’m pretty good at planning and doing things with mileage. Even when I don’t like it, more or less will get the run or bike miles done. Lifting, no so much.

So a couple of months ago I asked one of my fellow personal trainers to train me. I’m sure I was exactly the client I would roll my eyes at.
“I’d like to accomplish ten zillion goals. But I don’t want it to take more than 30min. I’d like to learn to lift heavy weights. And I’d like to do some crazy body weight stuff. But you totally decide.”
Riiiiight. Sure. You-betcha.

He has me doing deadlifts, power cleans, handstand wall walks, and a progression towards muscle-ups. That’s it. Just four exercises. With a solid warm up it takes just under 45min. It destroys me.

From week 3 of lifting Feb. 17th.  115 lbs, not a bad staring place.

From week 3 of lifting Feb. 17th. 115 lbs, not a bad staring place.


The first three weeks were awesome. 100% compliance. Then I got sick, then I got busy. Down to 75% compliance. Even so it’s 100% better than what I’d be doing without him.

Tim pretending to be mean.

Tim pretending to be mean.

At first I was shocked at how hard the deadlifts were on my arms and core. The cleans just felt awkward. The handstands were floppy. Just a tiny part of a muscle-up left my arms immobile for the rest of the week. I’ve done my darndest to get 3 sessions in a week, sadly sometimes it’s been just one, I’ll be happy with two. After initial improvement, and then a couple weeks plateau, last week was a breakthrough.

Deadlifts and cleans went up in weight. I added 1:00 wall-handstand holds. My muscle-up progression has evolved from flailing fish to a sleeker amphibious if not complete animal. It feels good. It fills me with confidence and pride.

It made me excited for the darn Trinona Triathlon hill that scared the living bejesus out of me last year. I registered for it again.

It gave me strength even when I didn’t expect it. At masters swim practice I chose to do butterfly, and kept choosing it until I had 800 total yards of butterfly. And that just lifts me off my toes with joy.

So a giant thanks to Tim my trainer who gives me just enough push to make me feel like superwoman.

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3 Responses to Training for the Trainer

  1. Awesome awesome awesome. This reminded Gramma how Grampa used to lift weights.

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