More Energy Noms

Sadly I am out of the baked egg and cheese bites and the strawberry and cream sandwiches.  Thankfully there are now raspberry mint rice bars and scallion pancakes in the freezer.   Not only are these things great athletic fuel, they are fantastic grab and go snacks for busy days.  Totally worth the tiny bit of effort for a months worth of portable noms.

The raspberry mint rice bars were stupidly easy, fast, and bountiful.   The scallion pancakes took a little more work, and didn’t produce nearly as much.

I got the sushi rice started in my microwave rice cooker while I got things prepped.
1/4c sugar, zest and juice of one lime, a dollop of honey and a bit of vanilla extract – All mixed into the hot rice.   Feed Zone

Then it was just about layering rice, fruit, mint, rice.

IMG_1376 IMG_1378

I set it aside to set up while I went about the scallion pancakes.  I doubled the recipe.
2c flour, 1t salt, 8 chopped up scallions (green onions). I totally forgot to add the miso and ginger that was going to be my special twist 😦 Feed Zone

Mixed with 1 cup boiling water.  Kneaded until nice and doughy.  Rolled out, and fried in pan.  The book says to cut in to wedges, but I thought rectangles would wrap easier.  I stacked two of them together in one packet.

In the end I had two delicious bars.

Feed Zone IMG_1389 IMG_1390

I can’t say enough about the Feed Zone Portables book.  It’s so much more than the recipes.  The tips on ingredients, assembly, and storage are so helpful.  The extensive section breaking down WHY your body likes real food better than processed is so enlightening – even if I just skimmed it 😉

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