One good one.

 It was a Pbttttth week. First my knee felt weird. I poked at it suspiciously.  I bailed on the track workout I had planned and did something easier instead. Then Tuesday I didn’t get any sleep.  None. It was a late night to begin with and then I just stared at the clock. “10pm I should be in bed.  12:30am I am so wound up I’m never going to sleep.  2 am, I’m going to fall asleep now.  3 am, I give up.  4 am, I can get an hour of sleep now.  It’ll be like a nap.  4:40am nope, might as well make eggs for breakfast.” So Wednesday’s workout was shot. Thursday I ended up working all day.  Like 8am to 9pm – with only short breaks between things.  Maybe I could have squeezed some lifting in – but at this point I had thrown in the towel on the week. But Friday I redeemed myself. I. Did. My. Workout. YES!!!! I have a great record of not doing long swims on my own.  I have made workouts and then talked myself out of it.  “Eh, that’s a bad set.  I’m bored, that’s enough.”  So this time…. I designed my workout based on one I coach for the Masters Swim Practice. workout Then I laminated the workout. I got a special dry erase crayon. I told people I was going to do it. And I did it!  I was so proud. swim workout Which is good because Saturday morning I was pinned to my bed.  Sleep weighed me down so heavily it felt impossible to get up. Sometimes things don’t go as planned.  I got only one solid workout in this week.  The rest were kinda “Meh.” Sometimes one good one is enough.  There will be others.

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5 Responses to One good one.

  1. Kate Varns says:

    Great post, Kym! I laughed out loud at the “Up, up and away!!” followed by “WOOOMPH!” I think we can all relate to that feeling. Love the Calvin and Hobbes elements, too…:)

  2. Caroline says:

    I think we must have had the same week, I only got one workout done this week, too. Talked myself out of the rest of them… (headache, other things planned, weather, etc.). THIS WEEK WILL BE BETTER!

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