Ready for…?

We’re ready….

We’ve been towing weight around the track at the gym…  
I’ve towed 205lbs for a 1/2 mile.

I’ve deadlifted 200lbs once.

Now I feel somewhat prepared to haul Will out of the woods in an emergency.  Although he’s not bar shaped and we’ll certainly be more than a mile from help…

I’ve packed up tons of food.  It’s not even all pictured here.

There is: Steak and mushroom stroganoff, thanksgiving dinner (mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and chicken), mac and cheese and spam, kumla (pork and potato dumpling balls not pictured), homemade granola, oatmeal buckeyes (modified from my halloween buckeyes), cheese and meat, snicker bites, homemade hot coco (which deserves it’s own blog post), and it’s all supplemented with pizza rolls, taco rolls, quesadilla triangles, and breakfast nuggets.

We’re ready for our annual winter camping trip.  Like last year when we hauled the pulks, chopped wood, and tried building that damn igloo.

Or we’re ready to be stuck in bed… Will’s been sick, I’m getting sick… This could be entirely uneventful. Being sick doesn’t even make for type two fun stories.

Hopefully we’ll be back with great stories that do not involve phlegm.

Next in the winter camping storyline: Camping Thwarted

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2 Responses to Ready for…?

  1. Oo, I hope you don’t go unless you are both really well. That could be bad. I’m sure that food would keep for another time. Or you could eat it at home and bring some snow inside and pretend. Or even build an igloo in the front yard. 🙂

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