The Reluctant Report

I raced last week, but I don’t really want to talk about it.  I want my life back.  Three more months until I get my life back.   Well, my non-triathlon life anyway.  Big goals can take a lot of single-minded focus.  So I must be doing something right because I don’t feel like I’m doing anything else.   Swim, bike, run, rest, repeat.

I’m up for some more type 1 fun in my life.  More seeing friends.  More summer lounging like last summer.  More room for other interests.  Yes, I have other interests.  It’s like I’m cheating on my bike by admitting I have feelings for other activities.

Even my cooking has become a boring chore.  I haven’t had any energy or time to try any new recipes.

This year’s overall award print

So while I kinda wish I had something else to share, all I’ve got is a race report.
Heart Of The Lakes Annandale Triathlon.  It was it’s 30th anniversary this year; it’s one of the oldest triathlons in Minnesota.  Dad has been doing them since 1985, and it was my first triathlon in 1997.  I’ve done it every year since.  In the beginning I often won my age group because I was the only one in my age group (19 and under).  Sometimes I placed in my age group for a good season of training.  All these years I’ve coveted the top 3 overall prize of a framed print by a local artist.

This was going to be my year.

Never mind that I was training for a much bigger longer race… 

Secretly I thought I was finally going to get on the overall podium.  Even though I’ve been training for a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike and 26.2 mile run and this was a 1/4 mile swim, 9 mile bike, and 2.5 mile run.  I thought I had a good chance.

I did speed work, in the pool, on the bike, and on the track.  I didn’t give up strength training.  I practiced my mounts and dismounts and transitions.  I even timed myself without and with my wetsuit – including timing taking it off.  Turns out after taking it off I was only 5 seconds faster with the wetsuit.

Not all preparation went well.  Three weeks before the race I was on a family road trip which did not treat my body well.  Two weeks before the race everything felt like it was falling apart.  The week of the race I got a massage, got a lot of sleep and finally had some pain free workouts.

The game plan was to actually RACE the thing.  Many years have gone by where I’m there mostly to socialize, all type 1 fun – no pushing myself.  This year I needed to go all out – no pacing myself – no holding back.   Of course no matter what secret hopes for the podium I had, my race was the only thing I could control.

Through the race and finish line I thought I had given it my all.   It felt that way at the time.  I had held off a woman just behind me in the run and I was the third woman in the finish area.  Of course as soon as the fatigue wears off doubt creeps in.  Then I saw the results.

4th place by less than a minute.

HOLT 2015 results


I’m a good sport and a reasonable person.  I raced well and I can’t ask much more of myself.  I had wonderful time with my dad and a great post race picnic with old and new friends.   Based on my training; I’m delighted with my run pace, ok with my bike pace, and a tad disappointed in my swim pace.  That’s the way it goes in triathlon – something always goes well and there is always something to improve.   There will be other years – I’m not giving up on this goal yet.  Someday I’ll get on that dang overall podium and hang that framed print on my wall.

In the meanwhile it’s ok that I’ve got a little ache in my heart that this wasn’t my year.

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