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Ta-Da! A swim workout!

A successful workout can be like pulling off a magic trick.*  It can be a little surprising, leave me a little awestruck, and then I might feel pretty dang pleased with myself. The Point to LaPointe swim race is in … Continue reading

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Race Dreams

I confess, I have had strange race dreams that I never disclosed here.   They’ve made funny stories but I never thought much of them.  Until one of them took on a life of it’s own.  But let’s start with … Continue reading

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The Next Goal

What’s next after last years big race?  What would be a good challenge?  Seeking type two fun is what make me an athlete, it’s who I am. I’m contemplating a couple races.  Not another Iron Tri.  Not yet.  Maybe do … Continue reading

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The Last Three Miles: B2B race report part 3

“Why is she so happy?” A friend asked Will. “I’m on the run!”  I told Will as I cruised by at an 8:00/mile pace. Generally friends and family would not be dismayed to see me smiling.  They may have been less … Continue reading

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Swim and Bike: B2B race report part 2

Saturday October 17th 2015 I was ready for my 4am alarm.  I ate, stretched, and pooped – ahhhh – all the important stuff out of the way. Now to actually start the race.  In the grand scheme of things, this part seems … Continue reading

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Long and Hard: B2B race report part 1

After three days of driving and camping we arrived at Wrightsville Beach for Beach2Battleship Iron Distance Triathlon.    Woah – the ocean.  As we stared at it I felt like Nemo stating the obvious “It’s big… and blue.” Which is also … Continue reading

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Steeling Myself: Top 5 List of Pain and Fear

Just about everything is done and ready. My bike had its last tune up and Will epoxied a pad for my still sensitive arm.  I even tried acupuncture to sooth my angry body and nerves.  The cavernous rental minivan is just about … Continue reading

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