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Zest Ed Launched!

Holy mackerel!  We did it. 24 days ago there were 15 days to our Launch Party.  It was years in the making.  And it actually happened!  I got enough done. It’s no where near our long term dreams, but it’s … Continue reading

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Things Not Done – A Story of Progress.

I’m pretty good at getting stuff done.  Most of the time?  Sometimes?  I’m also very good at not doing things. Two days ago I was feeling quite pleased with the things that were done on my project list.  So pleased … Continue reading

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Steeling Myself: Top 5 List of Pain and Fear

Just about everything is done and ready. My bike had its last tune up and Will epoxied a pad for my still sensitive arm.  I even tried acupuncture to sooth my angry body and nerves.  The cavernous rental minivan is just about … Continue reading

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