Zest Ed Launched!

Holy mackerel!  We did it.

24 days ago there were 15 days to our Launch Party.  It was years in the making.  And it actually happened!  I got enough done.

It’s no where near our long term dreams, but it’s what we can do now and we’ll take it from here.  It was wonderful to celebrate this milestone with some of the wonderful people who support us.  
Because we’re an education business that’s more about doing than lecturing; we made people do an activity where the end result was a dramatic reading of an original quote about community.

“Be known, be grown, be challenged, find balance.”
“Communities are the duct tape of society.”
“The camaraderie of the hood grows with challenges.”
“We are best supported by those who challenge us.”

After sharing about Zest Ed and what we’re doing we capped off our kick off at the bar.

After the rest of the weekend to recover from the launch I’ve gotten back to work.

This lovely blog got some much needed updates.  I’ve rewritten the About Me page and turned it into About Kym and Will.  And I’ve added a brand new category – Enterprise.  This is where my stories about this new life venture will go.  I’ve moved the last post Things Not Done there.

And of course I’ve updated the project board.  It’s already a week old and it no longer looks quite like this anymore.  Some things have been done, although more things have been added.  Still, I’ve never been so encouraged by things not done.


Curious about what Zest Ed is and what we do?  Check out the beautiful website that Will worked so hard on.  ZestEd.net 


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