Down the rabbit hole.

I feel unmotivated yet restless.  I have a vague sense of athletic drive that is unmoved by the thought of swimming biking or running.  It’s not to say I’m leaving triathlon. I totally want to do Beach2Battleship again.  Nor have I stopped swimming biking or running.

In April I did the traditional MN ironman bike ride in a thunderstorm.  It only confirmed that my bike and I need more time to heal our friendship.  In July I’m registered for my 19th Heart of the Lakes triathlon.  It’s the day after a friends wedding, so there’s really no point in training for a race I could be hungover for.  In August I’m registered for Point to LaPoint.  It is a two mile swim in Lake Superior from Bayfield WI to Madeline island.  I’m excited and I will need to train for it, it doesn’t feel like enough.  Something is missing.

After 18 years of triathlon and last Octobers big Iron Distance Tri, I’m feeling a bit like a one trick pony.  Type 2 fun is often about pushing your self outside of your comfort zone.  Right now triathlons are just too comfortable.

I’ve always admired dancers, gymnasts, acrobats, free runners, and martial artists.

It’s their combination of disaplined skill that can become expressive playful creativity that grips me.

That’s what I want.

Yoga brought me more piece of mind.  It brought me meditation and emotional balance.  But I didn’t connect with the movement practice of yoga.

For a long time I felt learning to handstand would unlock some movement magic for me.  This last winter I spent three days a week practicing.  I got almost nowhere.  So I started to do some research on handstands and movement… I’m falling down the rabbit hole of information that I still haven’t found my way out of.  I just keep exploring the edges of all these websites, clicking links that lead to more links.

“Curiouser and curiouser”said Alice.*
I would agree.
I’ll share the journey when I stop falling 😉

*Quote from Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland. 


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