About Kym and Will

I’m Kym, welcome to my blog.  I ask my clients to share their lives with me and do my best to serve them.  Here is where I can share my personal stories and people can get to know me and my husband Will.

We met in 2007 working at the Bloomington Minnesota REI climbing department.  Our first shared meal was splitting a Papa John’s pizza in the disgusting rubber behind the climbing pinnacle.  Over many shifts we bonded over telling stories of drunken evenings and outdoor adventures.  Eventually we started doing these things together and have been racking up stories ever since.  

Typical vacations are not our style.  One of our first trips together was a road trip to Glacier National Park in an old van without air conditioning or music.  More recently we’ve made winter camping an annual tradition.  

In 2011 Will didn’t propose marriage, so much as a honeymoon of paddling both Voyageurs National Park and the BWCA (Boundary Waters Canoe Area).  It turned out to be the least romantic honeymoon ever.  We were alternately smelly or sick or cold or tired or sore and occasionally all of it at once.  By October 2012 we had paddled and portaged Will’s grandfather’s canoe 246 miles over 19 days from International Falls to Grand Portage on Lake Superior following the Canadian border.  Everything felt broken except the marriage.  

It was on our Honeymoon that I learned about Type 2 Fun; it those stories that launched the blog.  Followed shortly by my other source of Type 2 fun stories: triathlons.

Despite our choice of “vacations” we are actually not thrill seekers or masochists.  We are homebodies who like being cozy and quiet.  Early on Will introduced me to Jane Eyre and we spent the whole day in bed reading.  We also can easily spend a day snuggling with our two kitties Turtle and Pigeon while watching Anne of Green Gables or the West Wing.  Our best date nights are sitting on our front step with a good beer or bourbon.   It’s where experiences turn into stories and plans are hatched.

After years of front-step stories where I relived my best moments directing and coaching Bumble Beez Athletics and where Will shared his proud moments working with teenagers for Outward Bound we dreamed up a vision where we could do our best work together.  It took two years for vague hopes and dreams to solidify in to an actual business.  In January 2018 we launched ZestEd.


Thanks for visiting with me!
Kym Zest

7 Responses to About Kym and Will

  1. Aww, man, this is aww-some. And inspiring. keep up the great work, Kym!

  2. Josh Baker says:

    I love your diverse ideas about a balanced life. Nice photos on a recent post about paddling, too!

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