About Me

Aww, man. I find these kinds of things so hard to write. I’ll post this with the intention of improving it eventually.

I am passionately enthusiastically down to earth about living a balanced life. I love being active and competitive and eating healthy, and eating fries and drinking beer, and spending all day in bed.  It is important to me to make a positive difference in people’s lives. I do it by sharing my values, improving fitness, and being a leader in a community of leaders.

I grew up the only child with hundreds of siblings. My father Ben Zhao was my first and most important coach. Growing up on his team is where I first learned about leadership, teams, and a philosophy of athletics. It set the foundation for all teams I would be a part of and the ones I would create.

In 2002 I was 20 and founded Bumble Beez Athletics off of the back of my dad’s Killer Beez Athletics. It was a value based athletic program for youth 9-14. Curiously I found both improved values and athletics lacking from most sports programs. I asked for a 6 hour a week commitment from the kids. With that time they learned nutrition, decision making, goal setting, emotional intelligence, mental health, social skills, team development, leadership, and got great workouts to make measured improvements to their fitness. I got an inspirational education that sucked the life out of my early 20’s. By 2008 I was exhausted, so for many reasons I decided to fold it.

I do triathlons, I do wilderness trips, For the YWCA of Minneapolis I am an Endurance Sports Coach, Swim Coach, Personal Trainer, and Yoga Instructor,  and Assistant Race Director for the Women’s Triathlon, and support my husband as in instructor for Voyager Outward Bound Twin Cities.  Someday I will resurrect Beez Athletics to join in the network of small communities supporting youth and families living intentional lives.

Thanks for visiting with me!
Kym Zest


6 Responses to About Me

  1. Aww, man, this is aww-some. And inspiring. keep up the great work, Kym!

  2. Josh Baker says:

    I love your diverse ideas about a balanced life. Nice photos on a recent post about paddling, too!

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