Fish Ballet

I’ve been looking for ways to feel like a fish out of water while I take my hiatus from triathlon racing.   I got so comfortable in the world of triathlon, something that many people experience as awkward.  As a coach, I consider empathizing and guiding people through the awkward stage a critical professional skill.  I think coaches should regularly find ways to be completely out of their comfort zone.

Summer 2016 I did GMB Focused Flexibility and Elements programs. 

The first weeks were awesome.  Then progress became excruciatingly snail pace slow.  The program was also entirely online and I was ready to up the awkward ante.
dreamworks turbo snail

Winter 2017 I tried ExperTease’s Fiercely Flex class.

The whole loud music, burlesque and pole dance approach was not for me.  There was some stretching going on, but generally I felt a whole lot’a unsexy disjointed awkwardness.
awkward flamingo

Spring 2017 I spent with Querencia Fitness – Adult Gymnastics.

Gymnastics was way more fun and much closer to my comfort zone.  I still had some pretty great failing moments.
“Is this it? Am I doing it?” Immediately followed by falling over and giggling on the floor.  awkward baby elephant

Now in the Summer of 2017 I’m trying Fundamental Ballet with Zenon Dance School.

After trying a hip hop class and observing one ballet class I signed up.   Immediately I biked way way out of my way to arrive at a dance supply store, dirty and drenched in sweat.  The teenage employee was surprisingly gracious and helpful.  I was so excited to have new “sport gear” that I walked out of the store and had to put on my brand new ballet slippers.

I’ve now taken three classes.
In my mind I’m a natural Misty Copeland, looking all effortless rocking elegant athleticism.   She’s my new hero.

In reality I know I’m still a fish.  A fish trying to be a ballerina.  Fish out of waterYup.  That’s more like it.

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