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3 Steps To Get Better

How do I get better? How do I set reasonable achievable goals? The easier and faster method would be to work one-on-one with a coach who can evaluate your history, current ability, discuss your desires along with your life situation, … Continue reading

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Pick One: Fast, Easy, or Cheap

Do you have a big goal in mind?   You’re really fortunate if you can say: ✅ I’m able to be patient and work up to it as gradually as my body needs.✅ I’m ready to commit effort and time to … Continue reading

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Cooking fitness

Moving is like eating. Regardless of conscious choice, you will do both of these things. So the only question is what will be the quality of your eating and moving life? I think we can all agree… Eating only processed … Continue reading

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Claiming the Hidden Wholeness

Client stories – guest post by Devon Anderson. I do not come to the world of endurance sports training as an accomplished athlete, or as a fit and skinny 20-something.  Instead, I’m coming from the other side, from the second … Continue reading

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Fish Ballet

I’ve been looking for ways to feel like a fish out of water while I take my hiatus from triathlon racing.   I got so comfortable in the world of triathlon, something that many people experience as awkward.  As a … Continue reading

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