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Claiming the Hidden Wholeness

Client stories – guest post by Devon Anderson. I do not come to the world of endurance sports training as an accomplished athlete, or as a fit and skinny 20-something.  Instead, I’m coming from the other side, from the second … Continue reading

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Something Fishy – Sardine Toasts

I successfully hid the fish!  Or perhaps balanced the fishiness?  I have a long history of mild failure with sardines.  They are so healthy and yet I’ve been repulsing the people I live with since my college years.  This time … Continue reading

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Roast Chicken – Breaking the Laws

I cooked something new!  One only has so much mental energy to tackle new things.  These days I’ve been cooking a lot of can’t fail, no-brainer meals.  Still, cooking is where I can really get my creative juices flowing.  It was … Continue reading

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Daring Steps and Leaps

One step leads to the next.  Usually when we reach for a step we know where our foot will land.  I feel like I’m walking out into a thick fog – I can’t quite see where I’m going but it feels … Continue reading

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Have Fun. Don’t Die.

I had an odd experience. I’ve been puzzling over it for a month now. You know when something happens that makes you stop and think? You wonder “huh, that’s different” or maybe it was strikingly familiar. Either way it feels … Continue reading

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Inspiration and Experimentation in Butter and Soy

Good inspiration can be hard to find.  So much information out there, and yet it’s got to be just right.  Just what I need right now.  I found it in the Sublime Combination of Butter and Soy by Sam Sifton in … Continue reading

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YWCA Endurance Sports Social

Hello Twin Cities Friends! I know so many of you have done, would like to do, or are doing such amazing things.  Wouldn’t it be great to come together in one place to celebrate our awesomeness or aspiring awesomeness?  Sometimes our personal … Continue reading

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