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Type 1 Fun in the BWCA

It was so easy, and so much fun there is no story, but there is video! (It’s best with the sound on.) Last October, 2017 we had our traditional BWCA paddling vacation.  It was our five year honeymoon anniversary and … Continue reading

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Team VKS at Rib Mt. Race Report

It was a tiny bit miserable.  Just enough to respect the challenge.  Not so miserable that I don’t totally want jump up and down shouting “Again! Again! Let’s do that again!” Saturday May 27th 2017 was partially sunny, not too hot, not … Continue reading

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Chupacabras and Running

Running is not normally part of a paddling trip and mysterious noises are never on the itinerary.  The mud and snow we had earlier are a bit par for course, but our next three days gave us two “fun” experiences.  Unfortunately, like … Continue reading

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Mud and Snow

Will and I set out for our first paddling trip in four years.  It was just the right amount of type two fun.  Type 2.1 – mostly fun with just enough weird angry swearing to have a story to tell. … Continue reading

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No Pictures of Purgatory

In the dark.  Walking on the side of highway 61.  At the end of our 19th day in the woods.  After hiking the historic Grand Portage to Lake Superior.  There was light.  We looked down onto a field of parking … Continue reading

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Crippling Grand Portage

18 days and 238.5 miles we were finally done paddling. We had paddled and portaged in heat, illness, stillness, wind, snow, rocks and ice. There was just a measly 8 miles to walk to hot showers, cold beer, and toilet … Continue reading

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Evil Pigeon River

Arrrrrrg. This story is daunting just to write. The last two days were so epically weak, so tragically hard, yet so stupidly simple, I can’t do it justice. It needs some good cinematography and a soundtrack. Perhaps David Attenborough could … Continue reading

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Have Fun. Don’t Die.

I had an odd experience. I’ve been puzzling over it for a month now. You know when something happens that makes you stop and think? You wonder “huh, that’s different” or maybe it was strikingly familiar. Either way it feels … Continue reading

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Women In The Woods

We had fun in the the woods, in the sun, and the wind. Fun making friends at a remote bar and playing dress up with a park ranger.  A camping trip with so much fun I can’t begin to fit … Continue reading

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Twelve Years Together

Twelve years ago I started Beez Athletics. Twelve years ago I first coached Annalesa.  It has been an ever evolving relationship.  First I was a dedicated coach, then an involved mentor, then more like a big sister or aunt, then … Continue reading

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