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A Very Dirty Honeymoon

“Again! Again! Let’s do that again!” I can see my inner child hopping, clapping, squealing with glee.  That inner child keeps popping into my thoughts while reflecting on our honeymoon eight years ago. It wasn’t a “normal” honeymoon. It was … Continue reading

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Lazy Noms with Condiments

It’s been a while since I blogged.  I’ve been busy.  We’re all busy.  I’m not half as busy as many women out there.  I’ll make my excuses anyway.  There was an indoor triathlon which I was the race director.  Then … Continue reading

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Eat me! Salmon Cakes

Fairly quick.  Easy enough.  Stupidly healthy (at least by my standards).  Super nommy. Salmon Cake googly eyes. This is totally not a recipe.  I never do the same thing twice.  I never measure anything.  It always turns out fantastic.

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Salmon thingy, beanie wienies, and celebration steak!

*Sigh* What a week.  Did I get it all done?  Not yet.  I did manage to cook three times.   Sometimes I really have to stretch to think of what to cook.  Maybe I’ll help you out with your meal … Continue reading

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