Lazy Noms with Condiments

It’s been a while since I blogged.  I’ve been busy.  We’re all busy.  I’m not half as busy as many women out there.  I’ll make my excuses anyway.  There was an indoor triathlon which I was the race director.  Then there was a Can-Am Paralympic Swim Championship in Toronto which I coached at.  Between all that I’ve spent my blogging time trying to fit in more swimming, biking and running.  I haven’t even cooked anything worth blogging about.   Then I realized…. I do a pretty good job with the lazy, I’m too busy, too tired food. It’s all about the condiments.  I use the broader definition as opposed to only marketed products.  (Check out the wiki article on condiments.)  I have so many I couldn’t even take pictures of them all. Sweet or spicy?  Perhaps both?


From left to right: Maple syrup, Will’s mom’s strawberry jam, tomato preserves, garlic pepper jam, meyer lemon blood orange pepper jelly. Mr. Fuzz’s Nuclear Nectar (a real fruity habanero sauce), some asian black bean chili sauce, Tabasco, garlic chili sauce, and of course Siracha.

A bright tangy hit of acid can make a world of difference.


Lemon and lime juice are the obvious choices. Grey Poupon is mostly white vinegar. I love vinegars. White, balsamic, fig, red, rice, apple cider vinegar is used enough to buy the big bottle.

Umami!!!! It’s the magic flavor.  It’s not dinner without some savory umami-liciousness. Condiments While spices and herbs don’t seem like condiments, historically they count. So let’s not dismiss the use of the readably available dried herbs and spices.


I like Spike for a blend I’m not going to make myself. Then oregano, thyme, basil and parsley. I keep cumin, coriander, and cloves whole. I like powdered garlic, ginger, and red pepper flakes. In the tin I usually have bay leaves, curry powder, paprika…

So gather some protein: eggs, something in the freezer, canned beans, canned salmon?Then some veggies – whatever you got.  Perhaps a starch: rice, any grain really, perhaps pasta, or bread, maybe potatoes?  Then cook or assemble these things however seems best. Use condiments to make your crappy little hodgepodge sing. The other night I put together this little number: Condiment meal After coming home from Toronto there wasn’t much in the fridge except condiments.  I picked up chicken and veggies on the way home from work.  I made it in one pot.  Boiled pasta, chicken, and kale (pre washed and cut) in salted water.  Drained most of the pasta water.  (That salted starchy chickeny veggie water is key.) Added a can of creamed corn and one of whole corn.  Added diced red bell pepper and half of an old onion sliced thin.  What made it fantastic was the mustard, curry and garlic powder with a splash of apple cider vinegar and finished with a sprinkle of parmesan.    Sandwiches are awesome lazy food.  They are made ten times better by the use of unusual condiments.  I’ve been making sandwiches for “breakfast” that have lunch meat (ham, salami, or turkey) with lettuce, onion cheese, and strawberry jam.  It’s the strawberry jam that qualifies it for breakfast in my mind and yet is sustaining enough to get me through a couple of clients and a swim workout.   It’s the sweet-spicy pepper jams that make dinner sandwiches (or pancakes) a little more savory and satiating. ps – I got all done writing this thing and all the pickled/fermented stuff didn’t even make it in!  I’m not adding another photo so just imagine: dill pickles, sweet relish, kimchi, capers, and olives. 

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2 Responses to Lazy Noms with Condiments

  1. Kate says:

    Sriracha has become my go-to condiment, for everything from soup to sushi rice + eggs. I also agree about the fabulous twists on sandwiches to suit whatever meal I’m having (we frequently ate cheese and jam on toast in Belgium). No end to the possibilities!

  2. I too am awed by condiments! I don’t know what I would do without dijon mustard. You think you have no food and then suddenly, grab the mustard or hot sauce (I like the whole foods brand of sriracha with the little squirrel on it), everything is great!

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