Kitten Solution

Deeply in need of silliness. I have a tendency towards seriousness. Sometimes it drives me nuts. Which you’d think would be funny but it doesn’t feel that way.

My inspiration from lilablog: love letter to my leotard

My inspiration from Lila Blog

Two weeks ago I started the 230 hour yoga study (aka teacher training) at the Yoga Center of Minneapolis. There could be all sorts of deep reflections about why I’ve chosen to do this. Maybe later, OK?

Starting something new is exhausting and exciting. I loved buying school supplies. I’m super engrossed in the learning process. I can’t stop reading my books and scouring the intertoobs for all things yoga related. I Google, and Wikapdia, and scower r/yoga on Reddit, I search magazines, I find blogs, I keep digging. While this includes all sorts of sandskrit words, it also involves unitards. Unitards people. I even bought one in a insomniatic fit. Let me tell you, so freak’n comfortable.

All of this has left my brain slightly frazzled. I can’t begin to share one meaningful thing about yoga.
The solution for seriousness is a kitten.
This kitten to be exact.Pigeon

Two weeks ago was my husband and I’s first anniversary. I got him a kitten.


TurtleYou can see it was a good idea.  He’s absolutely smitten.  It was a surprise orchestrated by my mom and sister.  It took a month of planning and kitten searching, and hiding her once we got her.  Amazingly he was genuinely surprised.

You see, we have one kitty.  He named her Turtle.  I had Turtle before we lived together and she generally prefers to sleep on me.  He loves her, but she’s reached middle age, and he’s been pining for a kitten for at least the last year.

He named his new kitten Pigeon.


She’s full of silliness.  Which I’m certain is the cure to my seriousness.  At some point I’ll have profound things to say about yoga.  Why I, who can hardly touch my toes and am a generally skeptical person would choose to study it for 9 months.  In the meanwhile I’m sure there are plenty of things to learn from pouncy, droopy, floppy, springy Pigeon.

Pigeon and Turtle are busy chasing each other and I need to go watch now.

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4 Responses to Kitten Solution

  1. Candlin says:

    Hey Kym, What a delightful idea! I was thinking of you yesterday when I was a yoga class. Yes, I started again about a month ago. It’s good. Miss you! –Candlin

    • Kym Zest says:

      I miss you too Candlin! I was just thinking how so much time has slipped by since we’ve touched base. At some point my brain will settle down. You’d think all the yoga would help with that!

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