First Kitten, Second Fish.

Two years ago we stumbled out of the woods onto highway 61.  Twenty days of marriage and deprived of just about all comforts except each other.  It was the epic honeymoon trip that felt far more momentous than the ceremony.

Last year we celebrated by staying home.
Traditionally it’s said first year anniversary gifts are paper.  I said kitten.   Will named it Pigeon.

Second year is supposedly cotton.  Will said fish.
He’s been bitten by a fly fishing bug.  Particularly for the simplicity of the Tenkara system. He even got me my very own set up.  We managed to get four days off of work together and drove down to Whitewater State Park.

Our camp site, while not very private had a romantic view of the sky and rising trip

We were just a itty bitty walk away from the river.

Will got started while I was still trying to brush my hair and get dressed.  I was supposed to join him, but got sidetracked with the beauty of the frosty morning.IMG_1105 Whitewater State ParkWhitewater State Park

We did spend many hours contentedly casting and watching the water.  It was wonderfully hypnotic.  I enjoyed simply observing a beautiful day while crafting a new skill.   fishing tripWhich was important as my new skill was not fooling the fish.  Will got fish for both of us.

Ooooo! Got one!

Ooooo! Got one!

fishing trip

Our last night we opted for a little bit of luxury.  We stayed at the quaint, slightly dingy and fantastically affordable Great River Amish Inn.  The Harbor View Cafe is so good that it has an hour wait even at 3pm on a grey October afternoon.  Fortunately we could pass the time doing what we do best: sitting on the sidewalk with an excellent bottle of trip

The first anniversary animal would have preferred if we had brought her home the second anniversary animal. Kitty

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