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Camping feels good: 4 reasons and advice

Life feels complicated and the world is going to hell in a handbasket. It’s so easy to despair. Why does camping make me feel better?

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Bad Igloo, Good Cabin

On day three we decided to make an igloo.  It would be a fun way to spend a layover day.  We were optimistic.  Years ago I bought this thing: We’d tried and failed three times in past years.  This time … Continue reading

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Chop Wood, Carry Water

It snowed for the first two days.  Beautiful picturesque winter wonderland snow.  We were so stoked to finally be on this adventure. We crossed two lakes (Ojibway and Triangle in the Superior National Forest).  Then did a gnarly portage to the … Continue reading

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All Packed!

Here we go! Last week I tested recipes: granola, meat cheese balls, hot cocoa mix… This week I assembled food I would never otherwise eat… This is seriously calorie dense food. We spent today buying fun new gear at REI and … Continue reading

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6 reasons I love winter camping

If my vacation is miserable enough, life seems easier. Just kidding.  Sorta. When I was a kid I cursed my parents for living in stupid boring frozen Minnesota.  When I grew up I was leaving.  Then I grew up and found … Continue reading

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No Pictures of Purgatory

In the dark.  Walking on the side of highway 61.  At the end of our 19th day in the woods.  After hiking the historic Grand Portage to Lake Superior.  There was light.  We looked down onto a field of parking … Continue reading

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Crippling Grand Portage

18 days and 238.5 miles we were finally done paddling. We had paddled and portaged in heat, illness, stillness, wind, snow, rocks and ice. There was just a measly 8 miles to walk to hot showers, cold beer, and toilet … Continue reading

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Evil Pigeon River

Arrrrrrg. This story is daunting just to write. The last two days were so epically weak, so tragically hard, yet so stupidly simple, I can’t do it justice. It needs some good cinematography and a soundtrack. Perhaps David Attenborough could … Continue reading

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First Kitten, Second Fish.

Two years ago we stumbled out of the woods onto highway 61.  Twenty days of marriage and deprived of just about all comforts except each other.  It was the epic honeymoon trip that felt far more momentous than the ceremony. Last … Continue reading

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Have Fun. Don’t Die.

I had an odd experience. I’ve been puzzling over it for a month now. You know when something happens that makes you stop and think? You wonder “huh, that’s different” or maybe it was strikingly familiar. Either way it feels … Continue reading

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