F*n Training

I can’t muster the energy for a thoughtful post. Or even a funny post.  God, I’d love to be funny right now.  It was my first 15 hour training week this season.  That’s including all the itty bitty bike commutes.  It’s time in the saddle, and I say it counts.

I had a really miserable long run.  Epically miserable.  So Type 2 F*n I want to spit at it.  So Type 2 that not enough time has passed for me to call it fun.   I only know it’ll be “fun” in retrospect because I didn’t actually die, or break, and I made it home.  There was  lot of walking and several times I considered abandoning it altogether and taking the bus home.  I cut the run short by 2 miles and it still took me 45min longer than it should have.  No injury, no real pain, just tight and tired.

I’d like to say something wise and thoughtful about training.  But right now I don’t feel wise or smart.  I just feel tired and slow and dull.  So I’ll be brave instead and share my training log for the last two weeks.

Training log April Training log April/May

Next week is mostly recovery, lots of sleeping, and sitting.   Bring it.  I’m so ready.

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4 Responses to F*n Training

  1. Brent says:

    You’re next-level badass. I got in the pool today and I was happy.

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