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banana potato energy bars

I’m drafting more interesting blog posts, they’re just not ready yet.  Or I’m not ready… But I can tell you it’s that exciting time of year where spring seems to feel more like a reality than a dream.  It’s that time … Continue reading

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The Aftermath: B2B Race Epilogue

Oh sweet off-season.  Beer and sleeping and sugar and wine and pajamas… It’s been seven weeks since my Beach2Battleship Iron Distance Triathlon finish.  It was over four weeks before I could run pain free.  It was over three weeks before … Continue reading

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The Last Three Miles: B2B race report part 3

“Why is she so happy?” A friend asked Will. “I’m on the run!”  I told Will as I cruised by at an 8:00/mile pace. Generally friends and family would not be dismayed to see me smiling.  They may have been less … Continue reading

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Swim and Bike: B2B race report part 2

Saturday October 17th 2015 I was ready for my 4am alarm.  I ate, stretched, and pooped – ahhhh – all the important stuff out of the way. Now to actually start the race.  In the grand scheme of things, this part seems … Continue reading

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Long and Hard: B2B race report part 1

After three days of driving and camping we arrived at Wrightsville Beach for Beach2Battleship Iron Distance Triathlon.    Woah – the ocean.  As we stared at it I felt like Nemo stating the obvious “It’s big… and blue.” Which is also … Continue reading

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Bear with me – overflowing gratitude.

I have been celebrating my epic effort with equal (or greater) laziness.  Four day road trip followed by two days in bed with the kitties and Netflix.  Tomorrow the party of quiet fuzzy sloth has to come to an end. … Continue reading

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Steeling Myself: Top 5 List of Pain and Fear

Just about everything is done and ready. My bike had its last tune up and Will epoxied a pad for my still sensitive arm.  I even tried acupuncture to sooth my angry body and nerves.  The cavernous rental minivan is just about … Continue reading

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