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Use The Ladder

“If I can’t _______ then it’s not worth it.” Is one of the biggest pitfalls in sustaining a long athletic life. It could be a certain pace, distance, weight, or time. But the thought is that if it’s not a … Continue reading

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5 Handstand Lessons

Three years can seem like a long time to be on this weird Alice in Wonderland journey into the world of handstands.  But really my acrobatic training age is barely out of it’s infancy.  It stands in contrast to my … Continue reading

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Handstand Goals. So Far Away.

I took on this goal because it was something I always dreamed of.  I had no idea how difficult it would be for me. My journey officially started in January 2016.  I wanted to be able to do many amazing … Continue reading

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5 Reflections. No Resolutions.

I don’t do New Years resolutions.  Resolutions are just decisions that move you towards your goals.  But every decision affects my future.  And my goals are infinite; from the mundane and immediate to the eccentric and expansive. Heck, I put … Continue reading

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A season of dinosaurs.

I always felt a bit like a lonely misfit in triathlon culture.  I figured it was my outdated equipment, solo training, or playfulness in a disciplined sport.  Little did I know the true cause.  I was part dinosaur and just hadn’t … Continue reading

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Ta-Da! A swim workout!

A successful workout can be like pulling off a magic trick.*  It can be a little surprising, leave me a little awestruck, and then I might feel pretty dang pleased with myself. The Point to LaPointe swim race is in … Continue reading

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I’ve named my fear.

I have a stupid fear.  It feels a little shameful. This really shouldn’t be a problem for me.  See, I  do triathlons that require me to train and race swimming in lakes.  I teach a class on swimming in lakes … Continue reading

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