A season of dinosaurs.

I always felt a bit like a lonely misfit in triathlon culture.  I figured it was my outdated equipment, solo training, or playfulness in a disciplined sport.  Little did I know the true cause.  I was part dinosaur and just hadn’t found my herd.

This season my herd found me.

The origin story began as a dream that percolated for years until it exploded.  Now I know that last April was not my 34th birthday, but my first dino birthday.

Below is a small selection of the dino-shenanagans of the season.

Triathlon dinos started their open water training early.  This was April 20th and the water was in the mid 50s.

Andrea and I made a pilgrimage to the Minnesota Zoo for some education.  For us part-dinos it was really just entertainment.

Dinos cheered on other dinos doing triathlons at Superior Man and St. Croix Valley.

Big-T (AKA Trirannysaurus Rex on Facebook) getting his strength training in at the gym.

Lil’ T (AKA Dino Bites on Facebook) is better equipped than I am.

For my summer finale Andrea and I became Team Vilocikitty Snuggles!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We rocked the Square Lake Triathlon as a relay, passing Lil’T the whole way, making it his first complete triathlon.  First in species!


That’s a special Rawrmin he’s wearing.

A giant tiny-arm hug to all my dino peeps who’ve done more for me than I can rawr about.

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8 Responses to A season of dinosaurs.

  1. Nancy Zhao says:

    still looking for my herd. flying, fire breathing dragons. let me know if you see any.

    • Kym Zest says:

      I’m not sure that fire breathing dragons are your herd. I’ll let you know if I see any stripe and polka-dot unicorn-dragons that sneeze glitter when they laugh. I think that’s the herd you’re looking for.

      • Nancy Zhao says:

        yes, sneeze glitter and laugh bubbles. A dragon that runs a kitten daycare.
        you are right as usual.

    • I think you’re looking for stripe and polka dot unicorn dragons that sneeze out kitties! The more kitties, the better!

      • Kym Zest says:

        I think sneezing kitties sounds painful. All those claws! Maybe kitties sprout out of the foot prints of the stripe polka-dot unicorn-dragons. So everywhere it walks kittens spring out of the ground.

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