Team Velocikitty Snuggles

Team Velocikitty Snuggles –  we’re fierce like Velociraptors but we play like kittens.  Snuggly yet deceptively sharp and dangerous.

I’ve missed several weeks of blogging but that’s been because I’ve been accumulating stories to tell you.  Will and I went on our annual winter camping trip, which was awesome.  But first I must tell you about another victorious relay race.

Team Velocikitty Snuggles was dreamed up last summer.  I wanted to do the Square Lake Triathlon, but I didn’t want to bike.  So being a terrible coach but a great friend I convinced Andrea to skip a different triathlon she was registered for and do Square Lake as relay with me.   Team VKS was born.

We totally won the relay.  More importantly, it allowed for the continuation of the dinosaur shenanigans

Because in October when Andrea wanted to do the King Boreas Winter Triathlon (run, bike, ski) as a relay there was no doubt that Team VKS would be there.

Andrea would ski.  I would run.  We recruited the most ferocious biker we know and love – Anne.  Who, being a gnarly strong competitive woman initially resisted such a cute and funny team name.  She made some pleas to create a new team name.  Andrea and I bombarded her with texts of adorable (and fierce) kittens.


We sent her so many pictures…

Eventually she caved.  Anne became a Velocikitty and sent us these:

So the months few by in a flurry of fuzzy texts and us all training in our own sports.

Finally.  Race day.  Sunday January 29th 2017.


Pre-race selfie with our new dinosaur hats in team colors!

It was sufficiently cold, but it didn’t make up for the Christmas thunderstorm and weird warm weather that had melted all our early winter snow.  The race became a run, bike, run.  Andrea was crushed, but not enough for us not to crush the course. We all rocked it.  Probably because we discovered that the sponsor Now Bikes let us wait for each other in their warm van.  Or really the key to winning is to see who can have the most fun doing it.

The post race party and awards were at Insight Brewing 

We accepted our awards with dignity, then dissolved into silliness.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Long live Team Velocikitty Snuggles!  We are already scheming our next event…

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