Sweet and Savory Pilaf

Warning, I measured very little.  This is not a recipe, but it was fantastic.  May the ingredients ever be in your favor.

I got the Vegetarian Flavor Bible for Christmas.
When Will looked displeased I said “Ok, name an ingredient.”
And he said “Bacon.”
Me eye rolling “Fine.  Now name a plant.”
I got Wild rice.  I also had a bunch of old apple cider (that might have been slowly fermenting) to use up.  So using both Andrea’s original and my new Vegetarian Flavor Bible I looked up what other things go with wild rice, bacon, and apple cider.  It felt like a reality show challenge.

I started with my large dutch oven – frying 1 lb breakfast sausage with 1 onion and 4 stalks celery

Then I added dried applecranberriesfigs, butter, maple syrup, two generous 5 finger pinch of of salt, and a lot of black pepper.  (It turned out very sweet, so I added more black pepper and a bit of red pepper flakes to balance the sweetness).

Added 2 cups of wild rice and 1 cup of oat groats.

Let it fry for a bit, then added 8 cups apple cider.  This is only because I had that much to use up.  I would have happily cut that with water.

Once that was going I preheated the oven at ~400
On a pan with a little salted water (to speed up cooking)
cubed celeriac,  butternut squash, some garlic cloves, and ~1/2 lb. bacon pieces

When everything was cooked, I tossed it all together. It looked like my typical brown mush. img_2269It was still quite sweet so the garnishes of walnuts,  green onions and a splash of white wine vinegar were critical to making it both delicious and more appealing. img_2273

It made like 12 servings so 1.5lbs of pork becomes quite reasonable.  It’s also enough to freeze some for some desperate and sad day.
While it’s a meal in itself my favorite application was under fried eggs, or on top of salad, or both! 

I bet it would also be excellent on top of a waffle with a little syrup.


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