Injury and inspiration

I was sore, then I was stupid.  Wednesday morning I woke up incredibly stiff.  All day at work I kept moving.  I took a yoga class, I stretched, I foam rolled, still sneezing hurt.  My body was saying “good job working hard, now rest, recover.”  Then I did the stupid thing I’ve done before:  demoing a dynamic exercise while fatigued, without warming up.  The first time I remember doing this was teaching triple jump, this time it was kettlebell.

So my muscles seized and my body said “STOP. NOW.” I had one more client and then I ever so carefully biked home.  Thursday I asked clients to reschedule and I came home early to take a nap.  Last night I slept eleven healing hours.  I’m feeling much better.  Healing is my number one priority because getting my last key workout of the season is the next one.  The plan is to do a seven hour brick workout on Sunday (two weeks away from my big triathlon!).  Hopefully I’ll be able to do it.

Meanwhile I’d like to share some inspiration.  While I’ve been super focused on this triathlon goal, triathlon specific stuff doesn’t really get me excited.  I love playful movement.  I love seeing what’s possible.  I loved Born To Run because it broke the mold of super disciplined structured running that felt prescribed and limited and naturally hazardous.   It brought me back to why I first fell in love with running.

"Tarahumara Indians of Mexico's deadly Copper Canyons" - Christopher McDougall

“Tarahumara Indians of Mexico’s deadly Copper Canyons” – Christopher McDougall

The websites below have great videos that I hope will fill you with joy and wonder and inspiration.

Ido Portal

I found him by reading the sub-reddit bodyweight fitness.  I got totally absorbed and after reading his facebook posts decided he’s kinda an ass, particularly about women.  Still he’s incredibly quotable and I welcome his overall philosophy.  We all need to realize our potential mobility.  It’s not “sport” or even “fitness” first it’s just movement. I particularly enjoy this interview with movement clips.

Ido Portal


Super shiny corporate fitness club I would normally hate.  I do kinda hate them, and love them.  I do love their blog.  It’s hard to really hate something that is so well done.  Their videos are beautifully produced.  There’s been talk about all the “food porn” amazingly photographed dishes on culinary blogs.  This is fitness porn.  I sigh wistfully as I imagine being able to throw around two 20kg kettlebells, or have such graceful strength in yoga arm balances.  While it’s full of nonsense too I keep coming back because I never know where I’ll find a new idea or just some motivation.


What inspires you?


Next in the Superiorman storyline: My Big Tri, with tiny bubbles, a caterpillar, and ice.

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  1. Holly Jorgensen says:

    How I admire your diligence- in writing as much as athletics! Perhaps you can give me some tips on getting a routine and sticking to it.

    Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2013 21:39:17 +0000 To:

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