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My Running Journey

I have a long and complicated relationship with running.   I grew up a fish, swimming before I could walk, and winning fists of ribbons by ‘91.  My running coach dad convinced me to run because he said Janet Evens (‘88 and … Continue reading

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She Shoots! She Scores!

Client stories – guest post by Devon Anderson. I.  Hate. Running. Well, I’m not sure I hate it, but I’ve never had what I think of as a “runner’s body.”  Running has never come easy to me, which was made even … Continue reading

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Team VKS at Rib Mt. Race Report

It was a tiny bit miserable.  Just enough to respect the challenge.  Not so miserable that I don’t totally want jump up and down shouting “Again! Again! Let’s do that again!” Saturday May 27th 2017 was partially sunny, not too hot, not … Continue reading

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Chupacabras and Running

Running is not normally part of a paddling trip and mysterious noises are never on the itinerary.  The mud and snow we had earlier are a bit par for course, but our next three days gave us two “fun” experiences.  Unfortunately, like … Continue reading

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The Next Goal

What’s next after last years big race?  What would be a good challenge?  Seeking type two fun is what make me an athlete, it’s who I am. I’m contemplating a couple races.  Not another Iron Tri.  Not yet.  Maybe do … Continue reading

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The Last Three Miles: B2B race report part 3

“Why is she so happy?” A friend asked Will. “I’m on the run!”  I told Will as I cruised by at an 8:00/mile pace. Generally friends and family would not be dismayed to see me smiling.  They may have been less … Continue reading

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A Fun Upgrade: Training With Friends.

It would have been Type 2 Fun alone.  Because I was with a friend it was more like 1.5 Fun.   With a friend it’s more of an adventure when things don’t go as planned. I often train alone.  I like the … Continue reading

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F*n Training

I can’t muster the energy for a thoughtful post. Or even a funny post.  God, I’d love to be funny right now.  It was my first 15 hour training week this season.  That’s including all the itty bitty bike commutes.  It’s … Continue reading

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Restorative Athletics

If you know me and readers, I think you do, you know I’m chronically all wound up.  Physically, mentally I’m prone to run on overdrive until I’m a twitching mess.  I like being active. I like running, swimming, lifting, hiking, … Continue reading

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My Eating Habits and Slow Cooker Tacos

When I was a young girl some parent at my school asked me what I ate for breakfast.  He was curious because my dad was the incredibly fit cross-country running and track coach.  I was a successful competitive swimmer.  He … Continue reading

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