A different progress report.

Public accountability.  It can be a wonderful thing.

Sometimes we hope and wish no one is watching us.  Other times, such as blogging, even if no one is watching we hope an imagine people are.   So I share my progress in an attempt to use you readers (both real and imagined) to hold me accountable to my goals.

One year ago (February 28th 2016 to be precise) I announced my big boring budgeting goal. By the end of April I admitted that the only “progress” that I had made was rscreen-shot-2017-01-28-at-3-51-03-pmealizing how much it made me want to cry.  This has been epic type-two fun for me.  It’ll be fun to have money for all the athletic and outdoor adventures, but in the meanwhile it’s been a fucking miserable slog.  I’ve been angrily determined to push through my childish tantrums or quiet panic.  It hasn’t always been pretty.  For about four months I completely gave up.

It’s now been NINE months since that last update in April.

Sometimes the best way to do something awful is to make someone else do it too.  Last November I roped Andrea into being as miserable as me.  It’s working.  She’s about ready to throttle her computer, or her accounts, or YNAB, or maybe me.  I feel loads better.

I’ve finally felt real progress.  I actually got all my transactions logged and adjusted the monthly budget.  More significantly I didn’t dread it.  I managed to do the task without undue anxiety and mental resistance.

I still have a lot to learn and it’s not an automatic habit yet.
But still, it’s progress.  Yay!

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