Corn and Shrimp Pilaf

If this was a food blog I’d be in trouble.  You could grimace a little and then do a sympathetic head tilt and shrug.  Again, I have achieved cooking something that I swear is tasty despite looking like crap.  Mushy glop. Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 5.24.40 PM

It was supposed to be a pilaf.  But the rice got all over cooked and the crab and salmon only accentuated the… let’s say creaminess.  If I call it a risotto does that make it better?

My inspiration was the Flavor Bible that I flipped through while cat sitting for Andrea.   I looked up “Autumn” and picked corn.  I looked up corn and opted for a seafood parring.  Then I had to pick what way to present these flavors.  Possibly as a potato boil, or a bread pudding, or stuffing/dressing, or as fritters?  I decided on as a pilaf, but I think you should consider the other options.

I fried 1 red onion, a green bell pepper, a red bell pepper, two chilis, in some salt and olive oil.

I added about 2T butter and a small 7oz can of salmon and 6oz can of crab.
Then I cut the corn of three cobs.

I added 2c rice and stirred it up a bit.
I added a bottle of clam juice (to up the seafood game) and some water and another big pinch of salt.

Meanwhile I defrosted under cold running water 1lb of shrimp (and took their tails off). I also chopped up a whole bunch of green onion.

When the rice was done I added the shrimp and let it cook on residual heat. When the shrimp was nice and pink and cooked I added the green onion.   At the end I gave it a splash of lemon juice and black pepper.

Neatly arranged on a nice white plate with some good lighting it looks pretty decent.

Just don’t let this picture fool you.  It looked like complete crap in the pan and even worse in the tupperware.   So let’s remember that this is not a food blog.  It just happens that sharing what I ate is way easer than sharing my training and racing.  I’ve got more interesting updates that I’m working on.

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  1. Eliza Eats says:

    Nice bllog thanks for posting

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