5 Reflections. No Resolutions.

I don’t do New Years resolutions.  Resolutions are just decisions that move you towards your goals.  But every decision affects my future.  And my goals are infinite; from the mundane and immediate to the eccentric and expansive.

Heck, I put “shower and eat” on my to-do list after I’ve done it so I can check it off.  An Ironman Triathlon in under 12 hours is also still a goal.  I have a four year plan to get me there.  But first I’m going to accomplish my flexibility and press to handstand goals.  Really the goal there is to expand my fitness repertoire for the potential for creative and expressive athleticism.  You can see why I don’t need resolutions.

So instead of resolutions I offer my 2016 reflections:

  1. Real change takes a lifetime.  I knew this one already but its always reaffirmed when I look back.  A year goes by and it can seem like so little was accomplished.  I see all the things not quite done.  Yet when I look at all the things I’m really proud of they are the result of gradual progress over years.  2016 was no exception.
  2. Grow in new directions.  While sometimes I just plug away at goals already in progress this year was about exploring new territory.  Both athletically and personally I’m branching out.  Which makes 2016 growth seem that much slower.
  3. Step backwards to go forward.  In the beginning of 2016 I felt like I was beating my head against a brick wall trying to make progress.  I had to back up so I could find another way.  But backing up rarely feels like progress.
  4. Find a partner in crime goals.  After months years of trying to make budgeting a priority I feel like I’m making progress.  It’s all due to having a budget buddy.  I don’t even need her to make me do it.  It’s much easier to make her do it with me than to make myself do it alone.
  5. Use humor and strengths to face fears and weaknesses.  Yeah a “chain is only as strong as it’s weakest link” but I’m not chain!  I need to use what I got and keep finding the funny or 2017 might look too daunting.




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