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How To Stay Warm (When Freezing Climates Are Not Your Thing)

Some people do well in the cold. I am not one of them. Being even a little bit cold makes me crabby. I am prone to all sorts of cold injuries, including being pre-hypothermic a handful of times. Some people … Continue reading

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What A Ride

Holy moley.  What a ride it’s been. Eleven years ago I hated biking.  I wanted to like it so much.  I wouldn’t have admitted it back then, but I HATED it.  Was terrified of it.  Just getting on a bike made … Continue reading

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Learning to Love Winter

Yay! It’s finally actually cold in Minnesota.  Which is the way it’s supposed to be.   I hate being cold and get cold easily.  Some people’s bodies and temperaments are built for the cold.  I am not one of them. I … Continue reading

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Bad Igloo, Good Cabin

On day three we decided to make an igloo.  It would be a fun way to spend a layover day.  We were optimistic.  Years ago I bought this thing: We’d tried and failed three times in past years.  This time … Continue reading

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Things not done

Yup.  2014 is over.  And these things still aren’t done. Sometime around 2011 I started talking about blogging and getting better at all social media.  It took until 2013 before I got the blog up.  Literally “learn Twitter & Pintrest” … Continue reading

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Blasted ice biking, rice and beans, and kale-egg-toast

Oooooh it was a week.  I don’t even know what made it such a long hard week.  I think it’s the snow.  No, not snow, it’s the ice.  No, no, that’s not quite it either.  We need a special term … Continue reading

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How bike commuting works for me

It was the summer of 2009, Will totaled his car and didn’t replace it. That’s how I ended up being a year round bike commuter. I certainly didn’t choose it, but there’s something about new love that makes you gung-ho … Continue reading

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