Eat me! Salmon Cakes

Fairly quick.  Easy enough.  Stupidly healthy (at least by my standards).  Super nommy.

Salmon CakesSalmon Cake googly eyes.

This is totally not a recipe.  I never do the same thing twice.  I never measure anything.  It always turns out fantastic.

Make salmon goo!
– Canned salmon – the kind with bones and skin – so good for you.  You’ll never notice it after you mush it up.
– 1-2 eggs
– Capers!  or Pepadews! You need something sweet/tangy.
– onion? I had some dried stuff – totally yummy.  I’ve also used green onions.
– cheese? I happened to have some grated romano pecorino this time – – mustard?  Sriracha? Or other random condiment that speaks to you?
– fish sauce? Added a splash for the first time – totally upped the umami game.

Salmon Cakes

Use green stuff!
All I had was lettuce and green onion.  It was good enough.  But you certainly could get creative here.

Make sauce!
Sour cream
lime juice
garlic powder
red powders – paprika, chipotle, cayenne, whatever.
(basically the same sauce I use for my quesadillas)

Make cakes! Salmon Cakes
Mix: Corn meal, Panko bread crumbs, salt, pepper, and a little cheese?

Make little patties out of the salmon goo – coat generously in crumbs – fry up in oily pan.


Salmon Cakes


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