Mustard Green Potato Salad

I put some stuff together – assuming that it would be edible.  It was shockingly delicious.   We finished it too fast, I hadn’t made enough.  The next day describing it’s marvel to a coworker she asked what I did.  I had to admit that I had not been prepared for success.  I hadn’t recorded what I had done.  So I had to try again.  Now I proudly present my Mustard Green Potato Salad.
Mustard Green Potato Salad

Most of the food things I post here are less recipes and more inspiration.  I invite you to change ratios and ingredients to fit your whims.  For this dish there are key components that I think make this what it is.
1 – A whole bunch of minced parsley.  Yes, the whole bunch. Don’t skimp here.
2- A whole tablespoon of coarsely cracked black pepper toasted in hot bacon grease.  It wouldn’t have to be bacon – I could see any fat – but really – go bacon.  When doing this much pepper – powder and pepper grinders do not fit the bill.  I use my mortar and pestle.  The other option is to crack the whole peppercorns under a heavy skillet.  Or get creative with your cracking – but you want freshly cracked very course black pepper.

I began by starting about 6-8 slices of bacon in the frying pan.
Diced 2.5lbs of red potatoes.  Put them in a large bowl and microwaved them.  12min stirring half way did the job.
Next was dressing in a very large bowl.
About 3/4c Mayo + the zest and juice of 1 lemon.
1 whole bunch of minced Parsley
+ A dash of garlic powder and pinch of salt.
Mustard Green Potato Salad

+1 can of corn + 4 sticks of diced celeryMustard Green Potato Salad

Added the potatoes to the dressing corn and celery.
While bacon is cooking – prepped (chopped) an entire bunch of mustard greens and set them aside in the former potato bowl (I’m all about reducing dirty dishes).
Also cracked 1T of black peppercorns.
Sliced 4 sausage/hotdog things.

Once the bacon was done, I set it aside, drained off some, but not all of the bacon grease.
Turned up the heat to medium/high (just before the fat starts to smoke).
+ the sausages – let them sizzle and brown. Mustard Green Potato Salad
+ the black pepper – stirred and waited only a moment until the peppery fragrance was strong.
+ the mustard greens.  Stirred to distribute the pepper oil and covered for just a bit to wilt the greens.  Stirred again and let fry hot until bright green and soft but not totally mushy.

Put it all together!
Nom nom nom – and enough for a couple of lunches for the two of us.
Mustard Green Potato Salad

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