Type Two Fun Spiders

Totally random post.   Except because it was horrible at the time but I can’t stop telling the story it must be type two fun.

I’ll share the original telling of the tale, through Facebook messenger because I’m not the only storyteller here worth hearing.

Spider Story #1

Remember Mr. Kitty Nibbles? My other worst nightmare?
Also Will and I’s mysterious camping chupacabra?

Spider Story #2Spider Story #3Spider Story #4

Also, while Mr. Kitty Nibbles and the Chupacabra aren’t real,
Pigeon and Turtle really are our cat’s names.


Spider Story #6

Spider Story #7

Spider Story #8

Spider Story #9


Spider Story #11

Spider Story #12

Spider Story #13

When I shared this story with Will the next day he said he was very glad to have been sleeping for most of it.

I’d also like to report that the drama seems to have passed.  The spiders seem to have done what spiders do – find remote dusty corners and set up shop.  May they quietly live their lives in my home but not in my bed.


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4 Responses to Type Two Fun Spiders

  1. Caroline says:

    Holy fuck

  2. I always appreciate stories that might quash people’s irrational fears of nature, and this one is entertaining as well.

    • Kym Zest says:

      I don’t think this did anything good for nature. People seem to be even more horrified reading the story than I was on my slaughtering spree. The truth is that we live with a zillion tiny creatures in our homes. I’m sure spider hatching has happened near me before and will again. I just hope that next time I’m either already sound asleep or that there is no window fan blowing them on to me.

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