laugh away snot

I’m feeling better.  My brain is no longer filled with snot.  This is really important because I have too many things to do.  All last week I struggled to think straight.  Mentally processing my to do list felt like the page was covered in mucus.  The clients I stuck it out for got a trainer who couldn’t seem to count 20 reps.

The fog started to lift just in time for one of my hardest coaching tasks.  Sunday I lead the Five Hour Spin class that I cheerfully re-named the Cozy Winter Century.  Now people are misled just long enough for me to try to convince them this is the best endurance and  training they’ll get this winter.  For me it’s a mental marathon of focus.   Both brain and lung power were in short supply.

So just as I was thrilled to have enough energy to write up another installment of the Honeymoon Adventure, or perhaps my latest yoga thoughts, or what to train for this summer… I got sucked into the blogosphere.  Which is exactly the cure for ending this cold.  I laughed, and snickered, and wiped away tears and felt good for reading other people’s stories.

I’ll share the two I loved the most.

Allie Brosh’s Hyperbole and a Half
I’ve re-read some of her posts a zillion times.  I fantasize about being as funny as her.
Scroll down the right side bar and read the Best Of stories.  Start with God of Cake and you won’t be disappointed.

But what I really read over and over is her post Adventures in Depression and Depression Part Two.  Comically insightful.  Just read it, trust me.

The Oatmeal
Is a brand new find for me.  I know to bookmark a new blog when I want to read it again as soon as the story is over.  I can’t wait to read more of the stories.  I started with the Terrible and Wonderful Reasons I Run Long Distances.  What brought me uncontrollably giggling and snickering was My Dog: The Paradox.

I totally relate to this.  It doesn’t have to be running.  Any workout for me will do it 🙂
Now only if I could get my butt in gear… It feels like eons since my last strength session.

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