Giving Aid For Free

In the first weeks of the COVID pandemic our household lost 4 part time jobs. Our fledgling family business, Zest Ed gave us purpose while we were adrift and gives us hope going forward.

Many of us who do the itty-bitty business thing don’t do it for the financial security (none) or amazing benefits (none). We do it because we are passionate about what we do. The pandemic didn’t change that. We provide our communities with products and services to make your life better. That didn’t change.

Do you have a friend who is self employed or who has a side hustle? Have a favorite bitty business? Want to help them survive the pandemic but you can’t afford to buy all their stuff? Perhaps you love their vision but you aren’t their target customer? You can help without spending a dime. You can give aid for FREE. You can do these things even when there isn’t a global crisis.

Let’s break this down a bit.

LEARN & UNDERSTAND: Do your research. Know more than just the tag line or the one product/service that you like. Read their whole website and/or whatever information they are putting out. Maybe it’s their email newsletter, maybe it’s their blog, or social media posts, whatever they are putting out into the world get your eyeballs on it! Us tiny businesses don’t have sales and marketing departments. It’s just us putting ourselves out there and hoping you spread the word. Could you explain their business to another person?

COMMUNICATE & ENGAGE: Was anything you read not clear and in need of editing? Tiny businesses don’t have communication or copy writing staff. We do 99% of our business ourselves. So help a gal out and give feedback! Did you read their email? Reply! Even with just a “Hey, that’s awesome, keep it up.” Engaging on social media is more than just encouraging; engagement means the algorithms that run the world will make their post more visible to more people. Make sure you hit that “like” button and if you really like it go the extra step and share it, save it, or comment on it!

SHOW UP: Yes, it might be impossible to physically show up right now. But if they are hustling, they probably have some free online events. Put them on your calendar and make an appearance! Even if you can’t stay the whole time. Even if it’s just to one session in a series. Even if it’s not totally your thing. If it’s a free thing they just want people to show up and try it. They need to practice and hone their skills with actual people and you’ll better be able to do the next step if you’ve sampled what they do.

REFER, REVIEW, TAG: Tell people about your favorite tiny business! Tell anyone who might even sorta be interested about this awesome person doing awesome things. Write reviews wherever you can. Might be on Facebook or Google. Or you might just send them an email. Going about your daily life and suddenly grateful for what they’ve done for you? Tag them in your social media posts!

This time at home has made me more resolved to grow our business. It has also made me more aware that I need to actively support my community of self employed friends survive and thrive. I also wrote this to help myself remember how to be a better member of my community. 🎯Did this resonate? Share it! ➡️

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