Apricot curry chicken

The first time I made this I was looking to make my life harder or maybe just more interesting.  It called for purchased mango chutney and instead I made my own.  Another time I made my own curry paste.  It was fantastic and took ten times longer than it should have.  Now I’m all about using as few pans and as few steps as possible.

Apricot Curry Chicken
Apricot Curry Chicken
I make rice in my microwave rice cooker.
Fried onions, ginger, something spicy (fresh or not), garlic,
+ cubed chicken (I almost always use thighs)
+ coconut milk, and quartered apricots.
+ store bought mango chutney and red curry paste.
Let it simmer.
+ bell peppers and pea pods, let it cook just a little.
+ minced cilantro.

Other than the rice, all in one large pan.
The recipe I started with.  The recipe for mango chutney, which is fantastic on it’s own.

I also made Salmon Pasta Thingy again
This time it was purely with random vegetables wilting in the fridge and a can of corn. I did have white wine but I didn’t have any capers.  Really, this is one of the easier things I fall back on.  Two pans, one for the pasta, one for everything else.

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4 Responses to Apricot curry chicken

  1. Thanks for the inspiration, Kym! Of course, I’m three steps below even your simpler recipes, but since I have leftover chicken, dried apricots, bell peppers, onions, curry powder and ginger, I’ll throw them in a pan, throw some rice in the cooker, and enjoy it, I’m sure.

  2. I threw the cooked chicken and everything else on top of the rice in the cooker for the last few minutes of steam, and wa-lah! Hot dinner, no pans. Not as nummy as yours, I’m sure, but it passed.

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