Leftover remix

I love leftovers.  I survive on leftovers.  Unless it’s moldy or smelly I’ll heat it and eat it.  Sometimes I do end up with too many leftovers.  What a first world problem to have.   Sometimes I just freeze it and pull it out on a busy week.  Sometimes it needs a complete overhaul.  Recently the remix has been even better than the original.

I had an extra gallon of apple cider. 
And frozen pulled pork with pear and ginger and honey.
I turned it into stuffing, twice.

 The cider replaced the broth typically used.  The first time I did a classic bacon and veggie mix.  The second time I used the pulled pork and added diced rutabaga with the apple cider.  Rustic Bread Stuffing recipe from Cook’s Illustrated November 2015 issue.

I had way too spicy black bean and sweet potato chili sitting in the freezer.
I turned it into sweet and savory corn muffins.

I made a sweeter than usual corn muffin mix.  More corn meal than flour, and more honey and maple syrup in the batter.  Then just poured some batter in, plopped in some chili, and covered with more muffin batter.  Finished them off with some cheese!

I had more butternut squash soup than we were going to eat.
So I made it the sauce for pasta.  

Just boiled up pasta in salted water.  Tossed broccoli in there for the last minute or so.  Fried up some little sausages and then tossed it all in the soup!

I hope your holiday season has been plentiful.




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1 Response to Leftover remix

  1. I love this, Kym! Shows you got some of my frugal genes, some of your mother’s creative ones, as well as your dad’s cooking ones. And everything looks so yummy.

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