Don’t Get Hurt – Six Ways to Prepare Your Body For Adventure

Check out the article I wrote for Garage Grown Gear!

What can you do to prepare your body for adventure? 

1️⃣ Build Gradually – Do something, but less is better than too much. 

2️⃣ Train Specifically –  Do or mimic the same movements you’ll be doing on your adventure.  

3️⃣ Address Imbalances – Some parts of you need more strength, some parts need more stretching, ignoring that will lead to injury. 

4️⃣ Practice Skills – From the complex (climbing safety) to the mundane (getting up and down front he ground), train these skills so they are more durable even when you are tired and distracted. 

5️⃣ Train Your Gut – This is the linchpin and the keystone to everything else functioning. It takes planning and practice too. 

6️⃣ Log Your Training – Don’t just rely on your memory.  Write it down. 

Intrigued? Read the full article and/or message me!

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1 Response to Don’t Get Hurt – Six Ways to Prepare Your Body For Adventure

  1. So fun to read the finished article with the great photos!

    Holly Jorgensen
    author of Enchanted: Reflections from a Joyfully Green and Frugally Rich Life
    Northern Holly Creations, LLC

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