Actual fun.

I had fun!  Real fun.  Type one fun. The kind of fun that actually feels like fun the whole time.  Not the second type of fun that feels terrible until it’s over.  Will and I had a little vacation before our busy work seasons.  There was no falling through the ice.  There was no illness.  There was no debilitating soreness after over 13 hours of racing.  Just fun.  Well it did snow, but really it was mostly fun.

On our first day off of work we went to the Minnesota Zoo.  Followed by going out for dinner and drinks.  Courtesy of a gift card, we tried the swanky Prohibition bar in the historic Foshay tower.  We were unable to be serious or respectable.

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We also spent some quality time on our front step.  There was more silliness when Will made a little sidewalk fire with pinecones.

It was clearly time to go camping.  We went to Whitewater State Park (where we celebrated our second anniversary).  The weather was a little grim, but Will is a master tarp manager.


We stayed dry – but there was the constant danger of being clotheslined.
We hiked, we fished, and we ate lots of yummy camp food.

Will caught 15 tiny trout.  I caught just one but it was awesome.
With the help of The Forager’s Harvest I found and we ate Virginia Waterleaf.  It was way tastier than Will is letting on here.

I made cheesy salmon pasta, and beanie weenies with potatoes, and bagel sandwiches.  Will made herb and cheese bannock on a stick.

We could have stayed another night but the forecast was looking even grimmer.  We packed up and stopped fishing just in time for a little April blizzard.

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Back at home we also spent a whole day lounging in bed reading and watching stuff.  On our last day at least it was sunny.  We ran to two neighborhood dive bars which was a wonderful adventure in itself.

I went back to work with renewed energy.  Which was good because mid-week I had a dinosaur surprise.  That will be a story for another day.


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