Lemon Pepper Pasta

How to write a heartfelt announcement – Step one: Don’t.
Decide to post another “recipe” again.

Step two:  Procrastinate.
Spend two hours reading.  Then spend two hours on flexibility training (aka rolling around on the floor listening to podcasts).  Then spend another couple hours cleaning.  Clean even the things that I’ve procrastinated cleaning (the microwave, the sink drain etc) All good things to do right?

Succumbing to writing another food post is just another reminder that I haven’t written the things I’ve been meaning to write.  Even the fun things about my athletic training haven’t been written.  I blame my overloaded phone which is unable to take any new video of my handstand or dance progress.   That would at least be easer to write about than my career updates.  Which should be super fun to write about but instead is just paralyzing.

So now that I have procrastinated and rationalized, have another food post.

Lemon Pepper Pasta
It was totally delicious, fresh, and exactly what was needed in the midst of cream and sugar and holiday indulgences.

This is what I did:

Roasted Brussels sprouts and broccoli tossed in olive oil and salt in a 425º oven.  Cooked until picking up nice toasty color.  img_3099

Toasted a lot of whole black peppercorns in the pan.  Removed and crushed with mortar and pestle.

Boiled and drained 1lb of pasta in salted water.  Reserved some pasta water.

In pan heated some olive oil, ~1T honey and a touch of salt.  Added 1 lemon’s worth of peel sliced into matchsticks and ~1/2 a lemon’s worth of zest.  Let that fry for a bit.  Then added the black pepper, a crap load of fresh thyme (~2T?) and a good slug of white wine.

Then it was time just to toss everything together.  Tossed the drained pasta and roasted veggies into the pan with the sauce.  Added the juice of 1/2 a lemon and some of the reserved pasta water (~1/4c) to help everything come together.  Then sprinkled with some parmesan cheese.


Not too fresh for a cold winter night.  Just enough zing and warmth.  And as usual, great leftovers.

How about a new years announcement?  That gives me two more weeks to procrastinate 😉

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