Veggie Fritters

“Have we had this?” Will asks. He made his slightly disgusted and seriously skeptical face. I wanted to show you but he won’t do it on command. This food is really not that strange. It’s really easy and I’m sure you could get way more creative with it. I didn’t measure a damn thing and most things I just happened to have in my fridge.  While I made it once before using the recipe, this time I didn’t even glance at it until I had to link to my source.  Just whipped up whatever was in the ol’ memory.  The original inspiration was from smitten kitchen, which is an entertaining read and a great source of inspiration. She made her veggie fritters for her two year old. I think sometimes cooking for a toddler  and cooking for a husband might be similar. Sometimes I have to say “Honey, just don’t watch me make it. You’ll love it. I swear.”

I chopped up some broccoli and cauliflower. I put it in a large bowl with some garlic powder, salt, lemon juice (from bottle), and a splash of water. Covered and zapped in the microwave for 3 min at a time until it was just tender. In retrospect I would have chopped the pieces smaller.

broccoli fritters

yes, orange cauliflower. It’s in season and just looks so cool. I also read that it’s creamier than the standard white stuff.

I mixed up some pancake batter, and added the veggies. It wasn’t quite the right consistency at first so I added some more batter. Seriously, no measuring anything. Just eyeballed it and worked until it seemed right. Oh, and I added some shredded cheddar because that’s what I happened to have. I would have done parmesan if I had it.

Broccoli Fritters

I heated up my skillet nice and hot and then dolloped on the veggie batter. It took a surprisingly long time for them to cook because they were so thick, which is why I will chop my veggies smaller next time.

Broccoli Fritters

Meanwhile I made a yogurt sauce. I had some Chobani non-fat plain greek yogurt and just threw a bunch of stuff in it. I sprinkled in some garlic powder, some black pepper, some chipolte powder, some lemon juice… Might have tossed something else in there, but I don’t remember and it hardly matters. Just taste it. Or skip it all together.

Once they were all cooked I fried up some eggs. I put down the yogurt sauce, the veggie fritter, topped it with an egg and garnished it with some peppery diakon radish sprouts that were wasting away in the fridge left over from some other meal.  I could also imagine  using anything green, or tomatoes, or even some corn.

Broccoli Fritters

Will loved it. He was slightly appalled when he discovered I had tricked him in to eating yogurt. I think he thought it was some cream thing that was unhealthy.

In summary:
broccoli and cauliflower chopped and steamed with seasoning in the microwave,
mixed in pancake batter with cheese,
put on garlic, chili, lemon yogurt sauce,
with a fried egg on top,
with sprouts on top.

What you would do differently? Go wild, or extraordinarily plain.  Throw out your ideas.

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2 Responses to Veggie Fritters

  1. Gramma says she likes how you use your imagination to make up recipes on your own. That takes a lot of umph! I agree!

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